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Ⅰ Air quality

In the first half year of 2012, the city air quality has been improved than that of the same period last year. Qualified rate of urban environmental air quality is 88.7% increasing 0.5%. 17 times of sand and dust weather were monitored with floating dust taking priority decreasing 16 times. The number of days with good air quality reached up to 306 which were the best in past records.

Ⅱ Public green space

In 2011, green coverage ratio of Xi’an is 39.0% and number of parks increased from 45 to 66; area of park land per capita increased from 4.47 square meter to 9.89 square meter. In 2012, the afforestation area reached up to 70800 mu and increased urban green area is 3.743 million square meter. Meanwhile, Chanba Ecological District, Qujiang New District, Lintong District and Zhouzhi County have developed into state-level ecotope.

Ⅲ Cultural facilities

In 2012, there are 112 public libraries and 120 cultural centers in Shaanxi and 27364 high-standard farmer’s bookstores have been built covering all the provincial administrative villages; in addition, 1070 satellite digital farmer’s bookstores have been built whose number ranked the first place nationwide. Currently, 123 museums are listed into the National Museum Directory ranking fourth place nationwide. There are magnificent cultural brand activities including Art Festival of Shaanxi, Farmer’s Festival of Shaanxi, Community Festival of Shaanxi, Children’s Festival of Shaanxi, Theme Activities of Cultural Heritage Day of Shaanxi, Qin Opera Every Day, Auditorium of Shaanxi Map, Happy Weekend, Music Festival of Xi’an and Exhibition of Western Intangible Cultural Heritage as well as typical cultural activities including opera match, gong and drum match, folk art match, yangko, Shehuo, fireworks and temple fair, etc.

Ⅳ Medical Treatment and Public Health

In 2011, there are 36403 health agencies (including 27174 village clinics) increasing 671 than that of last year among which there are 871 hospitals increasing 42, 1658 health-centers decreasing 71 due to town combination, 529 community health service centers (stations) increasing 63, 117 maternity and child care institutions, 122 CDCs (epidemic prevention station) and 115 health supervision institutes increasing 5. The perfect systems with wide coverage of health education, health supervision, disease control, community health service, pre-hospital care and health information service have been formed. Large-scale medical institutions in Xi’an manily include Xijing Hospital, Tangdu Hospital and the first and second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Ⅴ Hotel Catering

Up to June 30, 2013, there are 372 star-grade hotels in Shaanxi including 10 five-star hotels, 42 four-star hotels, 216 three-star hotels and 104 two-star hotels. In 2012, Shaanxi received tourists totaling 232 million including 3.35 million from abroad and 229 million at home which brought 171.3 billion Yuan of tourism income.

The catering industry of Xi’an could provide eight famous cuisines and all kinds of delicious food like Western-style food, Japanese Cuisine, Korean barbecue, South-Eastern Asian Favor and Muslim food, etc. More than 120 kinds of Tang-style food have been developed forming traditional cuisine based on Tang-style food and modern cuisine based on Shaanxi cuisine. In the selection of high quality products of nationwide catering industry, eight brands such as Dumpling Feast and Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup in Xi’an were awarded Golden Tripod Award. The special local snacks of Xi’an attracted guests from all around the world.

Ⅵ Leisure and shopping

Currently there are 2 golf courses of international standard, 36 integrated gymnasiums and 380 plazas. Xi’an takes priority in Shaanxi’s department store industry and prefecture-level cities take the second place. In regard to market shares, Xi’an occupies 45%, prefecture-level cities occupy 40% while counties, regions, towns and villages occupy 15%. Along with rising of Xi'an Metropolis, the department store industry of Xi’an has been developed into diversification and internationalization. In the major business area like Bell Tower, Xiaozhai, Hi-tech development zone and economic development zone, there are department stores including Minsheng, Kaiyuan, Century Ginwa and Parkson as well as high-level stores including Zhongda International, Paris Spring, Yintai, Jinying, Dayang and New-mart. 

Ⅶ Tourism

Shaanxi is one of the provinces with abundant tourism resource owning high resource taste, massive storage, various types and profound cultural accumulation. There are plentiful cultural monuments above and under ground. During traveling in Shaanxi, you can see ruins of ancient cities, remain of palaces, ancient temples, ancient tombs and ancient buildings, etc. There are 72 ancient imperial mausoleums. In the museums all around the province, bronze ware of the Western Zhou Dynasty, bronze chariots and horses of the Qin Dynasty, stone carving of the Han Dynasty, gold and silver ware of the Tang Dynasty, chinaware of the Song Dynasty as well as inscription past dynasties are exhibited with brilliant history glory and elegant demeanour of dynasties like Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang. Special geography appearance created various magnificent natural and cultural scene including Mount Taibai as the main peak of Qinling Mountain with highest elevation of 3767 m and covered by snow all year round, Huashan Mountain famous for being precipitous, Zhongnan Mountain as one of the birth place of Taoism, Mount Li as the ancient royal holiday resort and magnificent Hukou waterfall as the first water fall of Yellow River, etc. Up to 2011, the number of tourist attractions reached up to 416 among which 101 are state A-level, 5 are 5A-level ranking in front place in western region.

Ⅷ Social work

There are 76 regular higher educational institutions and 1.2 million college students in Shaanxi. Eight of them are institutions of 211 Project namely Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University, Chang'an University, Northwest University, Shaanxi Normal University, The Fourth Military Medical University and North West Agriculture and Forestry University which could meet the enterprises’ talent demand.

Currently, 35% of the 20 million employed persons in Shaanxi take the position of service industry. The number of employed person in 11 service industries like transportation and handling, transport service, warehousing, computer service, software, leasing, commercial service, science and technology communication and promotion service, resident service, other service, sports and entertainment reached up to 190000 with the average monthly income per person of 1988.04 Yuan. The number of employed person of Shaanxi is 1861.


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