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Finance Department of Shaanxi Province

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Shaanxi Provincial Finance Department is a comprehensive economic department in charge of the financial revenue, financial and taxation policy and the basic affairs of state –owned capital of the province.

.The major duties are:

1. To implement the guidelines and policies, and enforce laws, rules and regulations related to finance accounting and taxation; to study and draw up the drafts of relevant local rules and regulations on finance, budgets, local tax affairs and the administration of state–owned assets, and organize the implementation of relevant rules, regulations and policies.

2. According to the strategy of development of social economy in the nation and the province, to study and formulate the strategy and medium and long-term plans for development of finance and taxation in Shaanxi; to draw up and organize the implementation of the comprehensive budgets administration system including governmental public budget, state-owned capital budgets, social security budgets and others budgets according to the principle of double budgets; to draw up the drafts of annual financial budgets and final account. 

3. To administrate all local financial revenues and other financial revenues; to exam and approve or exam and report to the provincial government for approval the exempting or reducing of the local taxation according to its duties and regulations.

4. To be responsible for the capital allocation and finance for infrastructure construction; to administrate the capital controlled directly by the provincial finance for potential development, the “ three fees” for scientific research and the expenditures for supporting agricultural and rural production.

5. To be in charge of the institutional fees for industries and transportation, agriculture, economy and trade, culture and education, public health and science; to be responsible for the administrative expenses and the authorized numbers of vehicles of the administrative and institutional units of provincial level; to be in charge of administrative expenditure for departments of public security, supervision and justice and foreign affairs; to formulate the policy for government purchase and supervise the implementation.

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