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Land and Resources Department of Shaanxi Province

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Shaanxi Provincial Land Recourses Department is a component department in charge of the planning, management, protection, utilization of l mineral and other natural recourses of the whole province.

I. The major duties are:

1. To implement the guidelines and policies as well as laws, rules and regulations related to land, geological mineral resources and to study and draw up the drafts of local rules, regulations and relevant policies and technology standards on land, geological mineral resources of the province, and organize the implementation of relevant rules, regulations and policies; to be responsible for the hearing and administrative reconsideration and response to administrative actions.

2. To study and formulate the aggregate plans of land, the utilization of land, and other dedicated and annual plans related with land recourses; to participate in the examination and approval of overall plan of cities reported to provincial and central government for examination and approval; to direct the plan for land and mineral recourses of local government; to organize the evaluation of the mineral recourses; to map out the plan for protection, utilization, and exploration of mineral recourses,  geological disaster prevention and relics protection of geological recourses; to push forward the scientific research  related to state –owned land recourses and the international technology exchange and cooperation.

3. To supervise and check the implementation of rules and regulations about land recourses of local related departments and the implementation of plans for land and mineral recourses; to safeguard the legal rights of users of land and mineral recourses; to mediate the major disputes and punish the major breakers, and investigate the important cases.

4. To formulate policies and measures on the special protection of the cultivated land,  and on the encouragement of the development of cultivated land; to organize and exercise the administration over the system of management of land use and protection of basic farmland; to be responsible for the examination,  approval and administration of the land allocation, requisition, change of agricultural land used to other purposes of constructive use of land, as well as the examination and approval and administration of the reclamation, leveling and re-use of land reclamation; to maintain the balance allocation of land in the whole province; to undertake the report to the provincial and central government for the approval of land use for construction.

5. To put forward the methods of land registration and supervise the implementation; to organize the investigation, registration, statistics and dynamic monitoring of land; to be responsible for the issuance of certificate of ownership, registration, and the determination of grade of land.

6. To study and formulate the policies and measures on deepening the reform of land use system; to organize the implementation of the administration of allocation ,sale, lease, investment with land at an reasonable price, transfer, trade and government purchase of the use of land according to law; to direct the administration of land use right of the rural collectively owned non-agricultural land; to formulate the policies and measures for the management of land use at the level of town and the grassroots; to direct the bottom price of land, and the evaluation and the determination of land price; to exam and approve the qualification of the agencies of evaluation; to determine the price for the right of land use.

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