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I. Duty Adjustment 

1. Responsibility Adjusted

Responsibilities lined out: the responsibility to organize and implement the agricultural product import & export plans of the former Development and Planning Committee are assigned to the Shaanxi Provincial Business Department.

2. Responsibilities Newly Added:

(1) The responsibilities to economic system reform of the former Office of Economic System Reform Committee of Shaanxi Province.

(2) The responsibilities to industrial planning, industry policies formulation, technical reform & investment management, compilation of import and export plans for important industrial products and raw materials and promotion of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization.

3. Responsibilities Changed

(1) To sped up the reform of investing and financial systems. Under the macro-adjustment of the State, to bring the adjustment function of market mechanism on economic activities better, to ensure the enterprises’ position as investment main body and to gradually establish new financial system under which investors make decisions independently, banks approve the loans independently, multiple financial methods exist, intermediacy services are standard and the macro-adjustments of the government are effective; to integrate infrastructure investment management and technical reform investment management into fixed-assets investment management, to focus the macro investments on optimization of investment and industrial structures, key projector arrangement, prevention of repeated construction and improvement of investment efficiency; to further narrow the investment approval scope and to establish recording and archives systems for non-key projects and non-limited projects invested by enterprises with non-governmental investment and which comply with industrial policies of the nation; to reduce the approval procedures, standardize approval procedures, set up approval time limit and improve approval efficiency and transparency to investment projects that should pass administrative approval; to deliver the key project design and approval duty to related business units or intermediacy organizations; to further extent the rights of self-owned assets of cities and counties in public service sector; to improve experts’ consultancy and argumentation system and elevate scientificalness of approval; to establish past-evaluation system and supervision mechanism for governmental investment projects and perfect investment approval obligations.

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