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"Made in Shaanxi" Quickens Integration into Global Industrial Chain

Information source:collation of the home website  Time of publication:2017-09-11 15:49:00

Recent days saw Shaanxi Hydro Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (SHEG) signed a reservoir project contract totaling $75 million in Kenya, a “pearl of Africa”. As the “Belt and Road” initiative goes into deeper, an increasing number of Shaanxi enterprises, like SHEG, make all-out efforts to expand overseas markets, integrating themselves into global industrial chain.

From top level design to detailed implementation, the “Belt and Road” has turned a long road, knowing as the Silk Road two thousand years ago, into a dimensional economic corridor today.

Over the past four years, Shaanxi has been fully seizing the opportunities brought about by the “Belt and Road” to promote deeper cooperation in international capacity with countries and regions alongside the Silk Road.

The “Belt and Road” propels “Made in Shaanxi” to the world

“Shaanxi is not only naturally endowed with coal and petroleum, but also serves as a base for medium- and high-end manufacturing. Shaanxi industries will erect their sound images in China and in the “Belt and Road.” Jiang Yue, Directorof the Industry and Information Technology Department of Shaanxi Province, briefed in a press conference held on August 30, 2017.

As “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025” set the development target for Shaanxi, the “Belt and Road” brings a vast market and huge demands to the province, providing it with precious opportunities for development. The infrastructure, equipment, technology, service and brands of Shaanxi will be promoted to countries and regions alongside the Silk Road, competing with world first-class enterprises and sharpening competitiveness of Shaanxi in global industrial and value chains.

In the past four years, rapid trade growth has been made between Shaanxi and countries & regions alongside the “Belt and Road”. The first half of 2017 witnessed Shaanxi reached $701 million in turnover of foreign contracted projects and $739 million for newly signed contracts with countries & regions alongside the “Belt and Road”, accounting for 43.09% and 75.56% of the province’s turnover of foreign contracted projects respectively.

Deepening capacity cooperation with “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”

Under the background of the “Belt and Road”, Shaanxi is actively cultivating such six new pillar industries as modern chemical engineering, automotive, aerospace and high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology, new materials and modern medicine, to shape a new industrial configuration featured with multi-point supporting and multi-section driving.

In some hi-tech fields, Shaanxi enterprises have been turning from “followers” to “forerunners”.

In the past four years, by hitchhiking the “Belt and Road”, Shaanxi has been strengthening traditional industries and expanding new industries to improve its brand values and influences globally. More Shaanxi enterprises have been seeking ways to transform focus from production to service, and update from “Made in Shaanxi” to “Intelligent Manufacturing ”, building the province’s industries a new image focusing on high-end presentation, intelligence and service.

With cooperation, co-building and sharing, Shaanxi’s “friends circle” is enlarging

Over the past four years, Shaanxi has been consistently expanding economic extroversion, shaping itself from an inland province to a frontier for open-up. The province has conducted international capacity cooperation with countries and regions alongside the Silk Road in many fields, integrating into the global economic cycle at an unprecedented speed.

As the international capacity cooperation deepens, a number of industrial parks in Shaanxi have also been put into operation, and Shaanxi “friends circle” enlarges. Xi’an Aiju Group constructed Sino-Kazakhstan Agricultural Product Processing Park in Kazakhstan, and the country, in turn, sold its high quality flours and greases to Shaanxi. Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone has been carrying out communications and cooperation with Kyrghyzstan and Kazakhstan in technology and human resources. Shaanxi plans to support 100 key enterprises to engage in international capacity and modern agricultural cooperation in future, and quicken the construction of foreign trade parks.

Under the framework of the “Belt and Road”, Shaanxi outlines its work plan: eastwards, expanding industrial cooperation with countries and regions alongside the Maritime Silk Road; westwards, strengthening cooperation with Central Asia in energy resources, equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture and talent education and further connecting with Europe; southwards, intensifying economic and trade activities with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and promoting communications with ASEAN countries at the same time; and northwards, deepening cooperation with Mongolia and Russia.

Under the multi positive stimulations from the launching of “Belt and Road” initiative, the opening of China (Shaanxi) Free Trade Pilot Zone and the construction of “greater Xi’an”, Shaanxi keeps full confidence in catching up and surpassing major economies, exerting bigger influence on international stage and leaving a deeper impression on the world.

What’s past is prologue. Standing at a higher starting point, Shaanxi, by striving to push open-up and innovation on mutual-benefit and win-win basis, will inject more vitality to the construction of “Belt and Road”.

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