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Zhao Zhengyong Met with Vice Chairman of Taiwan Kuomintang Lin Fong-cheng

Information source:collation of the home website  Time of publication:2014-04-22 13:33:00

Zhao Zhengyong, Secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, met with Lin Fong-cheng, Vice Chairman of Taiwan Kuomintang, and his party in Xi’an on the afternoon of April 4.
Zhao welcomed their participation in the public memorial ceremony to Emperor Huangdi. He said, Mr. Lin made great efforts to promote the cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation by visit to the mainland and
Xi’an for times, which is never missed by the people. Shaanxi, as an important birthplace of the Chinese civilization, has experienced rapid economic and social development in recent years and its advantages in sectors are appearing. Especially, the exchanges with Taiwan become more frequent with the strengthening economic and trade cooperation and realized the mutual benefits and win-win outcomes. Zhao Zhengyong said that the people cross the Straits are family and he hoped the two sides could appreciate the hard-won prospect, further expand the cooperation and benefit the people.
Mr. Lin conveyed the greetings of Honorary Chairman Lien Chan. He said that he was very grateful to attend such ceremony by himself. The people from the mainland and
Taiwan are Chinese and descendants of the Yellow Emperor with the common blood relationship and culture. He believed that the constant and common wisdom, emotion and perseverance enable the flourish Chinese nation and achieve the goal of revitalizing China.

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