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Brief Introduction to Yulin Hi-tech Industrial Park

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Yulin Hi-tech Industrial Zone (“Yulin hi-tech zone” for short) is a provincial hi-tech industrial zone based on original Yulin Economic Development Zone, and was approved and renamed by Shaanxi Provincial Government in 2010. Since its founding, Yulin hi-tech zone (formerly called Yulin Economic Development Zone) has always centered around the development strategy of “hi-tech industrial development, characteristic economic development, diversified park development, capitalized attraction of investment and institutionalization of scientific management”, observed the objective and concept of adapting to “internationally famed and nationally first-class” national energy chemical base, and put together all strengths to promote hi-tech industrial cluster development that helps create hi-tech industrial cluster with multiple advantages and characteristics, including energy chemical industry led by Yanchang Petroleum Yulin Coal Chemical Corporation, equipment manufacturing industry led by Yulin Tiandi Coal Machine Corporation, new energy material manufacturing industry such as monocrystalline silicon led by Xijing Science and Technology and light industries led by Sheep Leader Group.

Currently, the park has production capacities including 700,000 ton of methanol, 350,000 ton of acetic acid, 1500 ton of monocrystalline silicon, 4 million ton of glass for weight cases, 100,000 kiloliter of beer, 1 million ton of cement and 9 million ton of bedding and clothing; has well-known brands such as Yulin Brand methanol, Qingdao beer, Sheep Leader garment and Xijing Electrical monocrystalline silicon. China and provincial enterprises, such as China National Coal Group Corp, Yanchang Group, Huadian Power International and Yanchang, have made investment for 7 large-scale energy chemical projects in the park, including 20 ton acetic acid of Yanchang, Huadian Yuheng 6×600MW power plant, Yutian Chemical 1.4 million tons of methanol, 10 million tons of coal liquefaction of Yankuang, Shaanxi Xinxing DMTO, 3 million tons of combined soda, 600,000 tons of PVC and 450,000 tons of ion film caustic soda of Zhonghua Yiye methanol and Inner Mongolia Boyuan Group; investment in phase I is RMB40 billion, total investment RMB160 billion; supporting industries include building materials processing, clothing textile, food processing and solar energy photovoltaic; industrial development pattern features dominance of leading industries and follow-up of supporting industries. It has become a provincial hi-tech industrial zone that is somewhat influential at home and abroad and ranking front in the province, and has become one of the hi-tech industrial demonstration zones bordering Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Ningxia.


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