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Brief Introduction to Yan’an Economic and Technological Development Zone

Information source:本站整理  Time of publication:2011-07-27 15:52:00

Yan’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, formerly called Yan’an Yaodian Industrial Park, is located in eastern suburb of Baota district, Yan’an City, and extends from Ailiping, Liqu town, Baota district in the west to Yangjiabian, Yaodian town, Baota district in the east, from north ridge of national road 210 in the north to ridge of south shore of Yanhe River in the south, and covers a control area of 18 square kilometers; phase I covers a planning area of 4.04 square kilometers. The zone is 10km to Yan’an Airport; national road 210 and Xi’an-Baotou railway run through the zone; its convenient traffic and broad terrain make it an ideal area for development of Yan’an industrial economy. Planning blocks include petroleum machine manufacture and production technology service park, agricultural sideline products deep processing park and light industry park. Industrial enterprises with high technological content, high added value, less use of land, low consumption of water and no pollution are encouraged for development in these parks. Industrial directions include petroleum machine processing production and technical service, agricultural sideline products deep processing and light industries.

Infrastructure in Phase I of the parks has completed basically conforming to standard of “seven supplies and one leveling”, which can meet requirements of enterprises for development. The development zone is committed to its purposes of “inviting, assuring, aiding and enriching merchants” and to its concept of “serving merchants wholeheartedly to create value”; developing with prosperity of enterprises and based on introduction of projects, the zone will constantly improve its service level, provide platform for enterprises to achieve rapid development and create a modern chemical industrial park with perfect facilities, beautiful environment, prosperous economy and popularity.

The zone is built in 4-5 phases as planned; construction of phases 1-3 will be completed by 2015. By then, industrial output value of the zone will reach RMB15 billion, GDP will be RMB5 billion, and realize tax and profit of RMB2 billion, financial revenue of RMB1.2 billion; re-house 8000 persons; population in new district will be 80,000.

For industrial enterprises that invest and are built in the park, income tax will be levied at 15% according to preferential policy of “exempting two and reducing three”, i.e. income tax is exempted in first two years and reduced by half in subsequent three years. Since the date of investment, all local surcharges of income tax, urban real estate tax, urban construction tax and education surtax will be refunded in full sum by management agency of the park. Administrative and institutional fees for construction projects in planning range of the park will be exempted by half. Construction project will be provided with through-train services covering establishment of enterprise, commencement and business operation.


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