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Brief Introduction to Xianyang Hi-tech Industries Development Zone

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Xianyang Hi-tech Industries Development Zone (shortened as “Xianyang Hi-tech Zone”) was a provincial hi-tech zone established upon approval by Shaanxi Provincial government in May 1992, consists of electronic industrial park in western suburb and chemical industrial park in eastern suburb, and radiates development to all area under administration of Weibin street office. In May 2005, it was recognized by the Ministry of Information Industry as the only national display industrial park in West China. In January 2006, it passed the third examination by National Development and Reform Committee. In October 2008, it was identified by the Ministry of Commerce as a state-level demonstrative zone that undertakes transfer of eastern industries.

Xianyang hi-tech zone adjoins Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, and is an important part of future Xi’an (Xianyang) international metropolis; it is the confluence of highways and railways including Longhai railway, Xi’an-Baotou railway, Xi’an-Ankang railway, Beijing-Kunming expressway, Lianyungang-Korgas expressway, Baotou-Maoming expressway, Fuzhou-Yinchuan expressway, Shanghai-Shaanxi expressway as well as those under construction such as Xi’an-Zhanjiang, Jining-Kunming, Yancheng-Xining high-speed railways; it is only 5km to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, the largest air hub in northwestern region. The park has moderate temperature and distinct four seasons, good engineering geologic conditions, perfect infrastructure including road, power, communication, water supply, heating power and natural gas, and superior conditions for development and construction; it is the pilot area for technological innovation of Xianyang, the accumulation area of hi-tech industries and demonstrative area of urban construction.

Xianyang hi-tech zone builds a pro-business conception, constantly strengthens its service system and functional development, optimizes investment environment and tries to create service-type organs to provide high-efficiency service for merchants. All enterprises in hi-tech zone enjoy preferential policies for land, tax, technology and personnel in addition to all preferential policies of the State Council, Shaanxi Provincial Government and Xianyang Municipal Government.

Following principle of “central arrangement, land consolidation and industrial cluster”, electronic information industrial cluster is formed in western suburb electronic industrial park, led by Rainbow Group and Shengyi Technology; rubber industrial cluster led by Northwestern Institute for Rubber Plastic Research and Design and Kaidi Northwest Rubber; biomedicine cluster led by Buchang Pharmaceuticals and Kanghui Pharmaceutical; advanced manufacturing industrial cluster led by Haili Electricals and Hantang Pipes; in chemical industrial park in eastern suburb, there is petrochemical industrial cluster led by Changqing Petrochemical and Xianyang Chemical Industrial Corporation. In total, there are 560 enterprises in the zone, including 46 large-scale enterprises and 23 hi-tech enterprises.

Through development, Xianyang hi-tech zone has become a hot land with perfect infrastructure and service agency, favorable environment for investment and suitability for innovative business; characteristic industrial system based on display parts, new electronic materials, new rubber, biomedicine and advanced manufacture has made it an important industrial base in Shaanxi.

Xianyang hi-tech will seize historical opportunity of new development of western regions and construction of Xi’an (Xianyang) international metropolis; observe overall requirements of “creating modern new district and future new city by high positioning”; adhere to high-end planning, high standard construction, huge input and forceful propulsion; create state-level hi-tech zone; accelerate professional park construction and aggregation of innovative resources including display parts industrial park; provide sincere service for investors; build the hi-tech zone into a state-level one with perfect infrastructure, aggregation of hi-tech industries and distinct industrial features.

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