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Brief Introduction to Xi’an Weiyang Industrial Park

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Xi’an Weiyang Industrial Park, planned and approved by Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, has its leading industries of petroleum, chemical and mechanical manufacturing. The industrial park is located at northwest of Xi’an City, 15km to downtown area, is adjacent to ancient Han dynasty city ruins in the east, to Sanqiao street office – western gate of Xi’an in the south, to Xianyang in the west and to Xi’an modern agriculture comprehensive development zone in the north, parted by Weihe River with Xi’an Xianyang International Airport; special road to airport runs through Liucunbao industrial park and meets bypass expressway and 3rd ring road, leading northward directly to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. In the park, Jianzhang Road is the main road; on both sides are eastern area and western area; eastern area is Wangcheng Garden, consisting of commercial trading, residential, financial, educational and social service areas; western area is the production area of industrial park. It covers a planning area of 4.73 square kilometers, suitable for one-piece development and comprehensive utilization.

Currently, the park has introduced more than 20 enterprises, such as Sinopec Xi’an Petrochemical Branch that attracted total investment of RMB1.3 billion, Yanlian Group Yanxi Fine Chemical Factory with total investment of RMB120 million, Construction Engineering Group of Changqing Petroleum Exploration Bureau with an investment of RMB140 million, Xi’an Huanghe Excavator Factory of Huanghe Engineering Group with an investment of RMB160 million as well as Xi’an New Northwest Shuanghe Pharmaceutical, Shaanxi Thinking Printing company, Qilianshan New Building Materials company, Xi’an Branch of Tianjin Dagang Heli Chemical Plant, Xi’an Branch of Wangjiaping Truck Combined Transport Corporation, Shaanxi Qing’an Welfare Packaging Material factory, Qing’an Metallurgy and Foundry Works, Qing’an Machinery Plant, Shaanxi Jiali Coating Co., Ltd., Xi’an Libang Pharmaceuticals Group, XJTU Weixin Pharmaceuticals, etc.; total output value of enterprises amounts to nearly RMB5 billion, investment in infrastructure RMB150 million, creating an industrial pattern based on petroleum chemical, pharmacy, mechanical manufacture and processing and paper making. In particular, Xi’an Petrochemical Branch of Sinopec has experienced several expansions and reformation, annual crude oil processed increasing from 300,000 tons to recently 2.5 million tons, expected up to 4 million tons in long term. This enables Liucunbao to become a genuine petrochemical industrial town.

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