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Brief Introduction to Xi’an Jinghe Industrial Park

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Xi’an Jinghe Industrial Park is located on both shores of Jinghe River in Gaoling County, Xi’an, covers a planning area of 31 square kilometers and has a population of 280,000. South area that covers 6 square kilometers has been developed. Since 1996, with substantial support of provincial and municipal Party Committee, government and related department and with joint effort of all people in the county, Jinghe industrial park has developed greatly and has become the center of economic development of Gaoling County.

So far, accumulated fund invested in infrastructure amounts to RMB1 billion; “seven supplies and one leveling” is achieved in the southern area; northern area Phase I occupies land of 21 square kilometers and supporting infrastructure is fundamentally completed. In the park, high-standard hardened road extends 48 km, drainage pipe network 56 km; three 35KV transformer stations and one 110KV transformer station have been built, power grid covering 138km. Infrastructure facilities have been put into service, including roads, drainage, power, natural gas, running water, telecom, broadband network, mobile phones, closed circuit TV, greening, plaza and refuse dump. Tertiary industries began to take shapes, including telecom, postal service, banks, hospital, school, mobile communication, industry and commerce, tax administration, environmental protection and market; comprehensive service functions of the park are being constantly improved.

In Jinghe industrial park, there are 270 projects with RMB21 billion contract investment, concerning auto manufacturing industry led by Shaanxi Heavy Truck, petroleum equipment manufacturing industry led by Changqing, new material manufacturing industry led by Western New Material and Zhongxing Forestry, chemical pharmaceutical industry led by SinoChem Group (Xi’an) Modern Chemical Industry and Shaanxi Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical and agricultural sideline products processing industry led by feed processing and food processing. Northern area of Jinghe Industrial Park covers a planning area of 25 kilometers and is developed jointly by Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone and the People’s Government of Gaoling County. Changqing Group that invests RMB1.68 billion in southern area has initiated its secondary undertaking in northern area, more than 10 industrial projects of which are under construction; Shaanxi Heavy Truck new base - heavy truck industrial base that covers 3400 mu and is the largest one in West China – has increased its input capital to RMB2.4 billion, annual output value RMB10 billion; more than 10 famed auto parts projects are attracted into the park; hopefully, a potent base for auto R&D, production and sales will rise in five years; West new material industrial park, the largest in northwest region, total investment of RMB1.674 billion and annual output of RMB4 billion, is under construction. 10,000-ton extended project of the Sinochem Group Modern Environment-friendly Chemical Industry (Xi’an) Co., Ltd., a national hi-tech demonstrative project, total investment of RMB400 million and the only large refrigerant HFC-134a production enterprise, has been completed and put into operation. Jinghe Bridge and Weihe Bridge at Jingwei road that attract nearly 100 million investment connect Gaoling Jinghe Industrial Park to future administrative center of Xi’an; Jinghe Industrial Park will for sure become the important base for equipment manufacturing industry in Xi’an and even in Shaanxi as well as a vital point on “one line and two belts”.

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