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Brief Introduction to Xi’an International Port Zone

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Xi’an International Port Zone, as a major construction project of Shaanxi Province during the “11th Five-year Plan” period, is located in delta of Bahe River and Weihe River in northeastern section of Xi’an City and runs westward along Bahe River to north ring line of railway in the north and to Xi’an bypass expressway in the south. It is a frontier area of Xi’an economic and social development and urban construction following “northward extension, eastward expansion and westward connection”. Xi’an International Port Zone has convenient traffic and distinct location advantage, links to bypass expressway and urban 3rd ring road; its core area is 5km to new administrative center of Xi’an and 28km to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport; Yaocun Airport lies inside the international port zone. Xi’an bypass expressway leading to the park connects closely to national expressway networks including Beijing-Kunming, Lianyungang-Korgas, Shaanxi-Shanghai and Baotou-Maoming expressways, and thus forms a “Union Jack” expressway network.

Xi’an International Port Zone executes construction in a mode that features uniform planning and stepwise implementation and is composed of functional areas such as container operating area, comprehensive bonded area, domestic trade area, comprehensive service area (logistics CBD), residence supporting area, national emergency logistics area, industrial transfer and receiving area and urban-rural coordinated construction area. It will base on its development and construction on comprehensive bonded area under way and Xi’an railway container central station, receive functional ingression of costal ports, and by multimodal transport, become a key hub of international land port and modern comprehensive logistics park that connects northwest Economic Circle to Bohai rim Economic Circle, Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle and Pearl River Delta Economic Circle.

Xi’an International Port Zone will search new approach to narrowing gap between urban and rural areas and development of social and economic integration and try to build a pilot area for coordinated development urban and rural areas. Here will soon arise a modern, ecological, international, merchant-friendly, livable eastern new city.

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