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Brief Introduction to Xi’an Guodu Educational Technology Industrial Development Zone

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Xi’an Guodu Educational Technology Industrial Development Zone is a development zone (formerly named Xi’an Guodu Industrial Park) reserved upon inspection and acceptance by five national ministries and committees, covers a planning area of 28 square kilometers, and is the only provincial development zone of Shaanxi that is dominated by education scientific research and achievement transformation, hi-tech industries and cultural industries.

In recent years, Guodu seizes the opportunity of pilot reform to base its economic and social development on institutional reform and fundamental change of economic growth and plays active roles in capital introduction, industrial cluster, revenue addition, employment and new rural construction. Successively, Guodu is honored with “National Demonstrative Area for East-West Cooperation in Township Enterprises”, “National Scientific Park for Township Enterprises”, “National Advanced Collective for Physical Culture”, “National Advanced Unit for Creating Civilized Town and Village”, “National Advanced Collective for Cultural Work”, “National Town of Beautiful Environment”, “National Civilized Town” and “National Experimental Town for Development and Reform”. Also, it is listed as “Pilot Town of Sustainable Small Towns in China” by the United Nations Development Programme.

In harmonious development of economic and social cause, Xi’an Guodu Educational Technology Industrial Development Zone is active in implementation of construction projects and has introduced more than 230 projects with investment of RMB26 billion; universities such as Xi’an University of Post and Telecommunications, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an International Studies University and Northwestern University are built one after another with enrollment of new 50,000 students; major cultural scientific research projects such as Shaanxi Daily, Huashang Newspaper, Shaanxi Normal University Press, Shaanxi Provincial Archives, Northwestern Survey and Design Institute of the Ministry of Land and Resources, and Xi’an Institute of Urban Planning have signed contract with Guodu; successive construction of many major projects such as Jiyuan Hospital, Attached Middle School, Primary School and Kindergarten of Shaanxi Normal University, Yajule Garden, Shengshi Chang’an, Guosetianxiang, Rongfaxin Garden, Zhixin Sakura Garden and Fontainebleau Garden will further optimize industrial layout and functions of the development zone. New Industrial Park of Xi’an Hi-tech Development Zone (formerly called Chang’an Scientific and Technological Industrial Park) is a scientific and technological park built jointly by Chang’an government, Guodu town government and Management Committee of Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone. Currently, there are 140 enterprises in the zone, including Pepsi Cola, one of global top 500 enterprises, Japan Furukawa Electrical Corporation; International Rectifier, one of the US top 100 IT enterprises.

According to strategic plan of Xi’an municipal Party Committee and municipal government for construction of a humanistic, vital and harmonious Xi’an as well as the objectives of Chang’an District Committee and government for construction of an economically, ecologically, culturally and technologically strong district, Guodu development zone proposes scientific planning and element aggregation to promote rapid educational industry and transfer of technological achievements, to raise industrial cluster level, to combine urbanization and rapid development of  technological industry, to fulfill overall objective of creating “Western Highland of Educational, Technological and Cultural Industries” through constructions of Chang’an new urban area, transformation of town center, Chang’an headquarters of international enterprises, industrial cluster of higher learning institutions and secondary innovation of Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, and to make Guodu a western highland of educational, technological and cultural industries with optimal initiating environment, best living environment and strongest comprehensive strengths.


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