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Brief Introduction to Fengjing Industrial Park

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Xi’an Fengjing Industrial Park is located at 2km to the east of Hu County that is known as a “Native Place for China Civil Painting”. It is a provincial development zone approved by the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province in March 2001 and one of the provincial development zones reserved after cleanup and rectification by the Ministry of Land and Resources and the National Development and Reform Committee. The park is divided into four functional areas: industry, commercial trade, science and technology and administration; total investment exceeds RMB3 billion; there are more than 50 enterprises in industrial area; a pluralist industrial system is created, focusing on mechanical processing, pharmaceuticals, plastic packaging and metal finishing. Currently, construction of scientific and technological area is initiated, which is led by new campus of Xi’an Petroleum University; administrative area with high starting-point planning and high standard design is under construction; modern hospital, hotel and recreational resort are providing quality services for enterprises in commercial trading area. The park has become a mature corporate community in real sense and the first choice for industrial enterprises in western region.

Xi’an Fengjing Industrial Park has distinct location advantages. Xi’an-Baoji and Xi’an-Hu County first-class highways and provincial road 107 tourist road surrounding mountains extend through the park from east to west; Xi’an-Hanzhong expressway (get to Xi’an in 10min, to Xianyang International Airport in 40min) and Xi’an-Yuxia section of Longhai railway run across the park from north to south; in its periphery, there is beautiful natural and humanistic landscape, national Zhuque Forest Park, national Taiping Forest Park, ancient Caotang Temple, Chongyang Palace (birthplace of Taoism), Yajian Golf Club and Gaoguan Waterfalls.

Xi’an Fengjing Industrial Park has perfect infrastructure. It has always observed “one-step planning and construction” standard and attracted an accumulative investment of RMB150 million; industrial land conforms to “six supplies and one leveling” standard; roads as built inside extend 10.5km and contribute to a chessboard road network; there is sufficient power supply thanks to 110KV transformer station that produces four 10KV power supply network; there is complete communication network; perfect piping network for water supply and drainage extend 9.8km; 10,000 trees are planted for greening the park, covering an area of 25,000 square meters; production, living and ecology are combined to manifest coordination between natural environment, modern civilization and high technology, which makes the park a modern chemical industrial zone like a garden.

Xi’an Fengjing Industrial Park has adequate talent resources. Hu County is provincial culture-oriented with long history, profound technological deposit and abundant human resources. Each year, more than 2,000 students are sent to colleges and universities nationwide; in addition, the county has solid industrial foundation, early experience of township enterprises and private businesses; secondary technical schools such as Shaanxi National Defense Technology College, Xi’an Hi-tech College and Hui’an Technical School have trained a large number of technicians specialized in mechanical processing, mould processing, digital control machine tool and electro-gas welding to provide sufficient human resources for enterprises in the park.

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