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Introduction of Shaanxi

      Shaanxi ("Qin" for short) is located at the center of China inland, covers an area of 205,800 km2, has a population of 37.90 million and governs 10 provincially administered municipalities including Xi'an, Baoji, Xianyang, Tongchuan, Weinan, Yan'an, Yulin, Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo as well as Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone and 107 counties (cities/districts). From north to south, Shaanxi is split into three regions as Shanbei (northern Shaanxi), Guanzhong (central Shaanxi) and Shannan (southern Shaanxi). Shaanxi is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Over 1100 years, thirteen dynasties founded their capitals in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi and formerly known as Chang'an. Xi'an is a world-known historic and cultural city and also the starting point of the Silk Road.
      With abundant energy resources, Shaanxi's total potential value of mineral resources throughout Shaanxi exceeds RMB 42 trillion, ranking the first in China; in particular, it has rich reserves of such energy resources as coal, petroleum and natural gas, and hence becomes an important energy base for national west-east transmissions of natural gas, power and coal. With solid strengths of scientific education, Shaanxi has a large number of research institutes and universities, including 1076 research institutes and 98 regular institutions of higher learning with about 1.2 million students enrolled. As an old industrial base in China, Shaanxi has witnessed significant growth in distinctive industries mostly including energy and chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, high technology and tourist culture. With obvious location advantage, Shaanxi plays a more important role as a traffic hub; operation length of railway exceeds 4965 km and expressway traffic mileage up to 4083 km ranks first in West China. An integrated three-dimensional transport system begins to take shape as Xi'an Xianyang International Airport extension project (the largest international airline hub in northwestern region) is completed and Xi'an Metro Line 2 goes into operation.
      Since the Western Development, Shaanxi has achieved sound and fast development of economy and maintained a two-digital growth of GDP for ten years on the run. In 2012, it brought about GDP of RMB1.4451 trillion which takes sixteenth place nationwide. The per capita GDP was US 6110 which takes fourteenth place nationwide. As new national western development strategy and Development Plan for Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone are implemented for the time being, Shaanxi is more confident and open-minded in the tide of world economic development, represented by rapid growth of foreign trade, utilization of foreign investment and trans-provincial cooperation. An increasing number of merchants from both at home and abroad have chosen to invest in Shaanxi, including more than 80 Fortune Global 500 enterprises which established 130 enterprises or branches.
      Old as it is, the open Shaanxi is filled with hidden glamour and business opportunity. We earnestly welcome all entrepreneurs with strategic vision at home and abroad to Shaanxi for investment. We will do our utmost to provide foreign investors with first-rate and high-efficiency services in order to create an excellent environment for business development.    


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